Staff of Himalaya Destination

You should expect and rely on Himalaya Destination staff to behave with the highest degree of professionalism and care found in the mountaineering industry. Our instructors and guides, more by the than any other factor, influence the overall quality of the Adventure experience. Himalaya’s wilderness is unique and a mountain guide must graduate to a new level in order to meet the demands: 20 mile glaciers, year-round avalanche hazard, winter camping in summer, remote rock and ice climbing, Glissading, glacier fed river crossings, and Animals. Every skill area requires a thorough knowledge of the discipline in order to effectively lead and teach others. Our staff must go through a certification process that has a lengthy progression and takes years to build. Himalaya Destinations guides are gifted climbers and teachers with a wealth of backcountry experience to draw upon.

Mahendra Mahajan (Founder)

A mountaineer by profession and also a mountaineer by heart. At a very young age, Manu is a veteran in the field of mountaineering. He has lot of experience in the field of trekking, climbing and expeditions.

  • Competent & result oriented professional with excellence in providing training on Mountaineering and Rock Climbing activities at the mass level over year.
  •  Expertise in providing proper safety measures and techniques of climbing with all areas  required professionals to lead and teach groups.
  •  Possess personal treks and Mountain expedition experiences.
  •  Efficiently led and manage the all aspects of the expedition while creating a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters youth asset development and learning.

Highly effective communicator with an extensive knowledge base and exceptional talent for problem solving through analytical thought processes, as well as the ability to build and lead effective teams.

Responsibility for the climbing group and take great care to ensure the group understands the safety issues involved as well as how to climb safely. Experience in taking groups out on tours, potentially dangerous. Responsible for managing risk and safety, adherence to policy and procedures, and quality delivery of the curriculum. Make decisions affecting all aspects of their expedition including: itinerary and/or route changes, behavior management, and youth development practices.


  • ABVIMAS  Mountaineering Instructor
  • YHAI (Rock Climbing Instructor from 8 years)
  • NEGIS RESCUE TEAM  Technical Leader

Some personal treks and Mountain expedition’s experiences as a mountain guide and work with eco Himalaya.Having done Six Successful Rescues with Negis Rescue team, on international label.(As Technical Leader) the whole rescue team receiving award from prime minister of Israel on Republic day of Israel for carrying out a rescue act in 2010. And two rescues with ABVIMAS  Manali.

Mikita Shah (Founder & Marketing Director)

Mountaineer by nature.Passionately focuses in building an organization that adds value to both-its customers and employees.Certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified. Digital Marketing Strategist with strong knowledge and hands on experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC/CPC/CPA. Some of the skills which i know are Graphics, Web Design & Development, Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and other Digital Marketing Channels.

Somal Anjarlekar (Administrator)

Somal Anjarlekar is based in Mumbai. One of the finest Mountaineer who has keen knowledge about Adventures. He has completed his studies in Engineering & is very passionate about Adventures. Since 10 yrs he has been in this field & guides the company in right direction. His administrative skills plays vital role for the company.

Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika (Deputy Director)


  • Dr Biswajyoti Hazarika
  • A Cancer Surgeon by profession
  • Based in Delhi
  • Has done mountaineering courses from Atal Behari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  • Has done multiple treks/ expeditions in the Himalayas, both in India and Nepal
  • A rare entity in mountaineering fraternity- a seasoned climber and physician combination

Pawan Thakur (Senior mountaineering Instructor)

Pawan thakur is a talented and dedicated climber and athlete. While these skills and attributes are necessary to be a good guide, it is Pawan’s positive attitude, contagious excitement, clear teaching ability, sense of humor and physical strength that makes him so popular Instructor. He has been guiding on Himalaya since 2006 and has climbs in many other regions within the Himalaya Range. AT Himalaya Destination he teaches courses, guides custom expeditions, hikes and leads Himalaya expeditions. He continually heads into the “range” whenever he has time off, .


► Basic Mountaineering Course (July 2009) R.K- Adjudged as “Best trainee of the course”.

► Advance Mountaineering Course (Sempt. 2009) R.K-Adjudged as “Best trainee of the course”.

► Method of Instruction Course (Oct.2009) R.K- Adjudged as “Best trainee of the Course”.

► Intermediate ski course February 2014

► Basic Ski Course (Feb.2011) Certificate of Merit- H.P.U. youth festival in Mime

Working Experience:

► Working as a Mountaineering Instructor at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute Of Mountaineering and Allied Sports Manali last Five years.

► Working as a Climbing Instructor or Trekking guide For different Private Expedition.

► Working as a Technical member for Geological survey department of india. In different glacier of Himalays Climbing Experience.

► Climbed Highest peak of H.P., Mt. Reo Purgial (6816mt.) up to 6470mt.

► Climbed Mt. Gorichen (6488mt.) at Arunchal Pardesh as Technical Advisor with71 Infantry Division of Indian Army.

► Climbed Mt. Deo tibba peak (6001mt.)

► Climbed Friendship peak Seven Times (17353ft.)

► Climbed Shetidhar Four Times (17200ft.)

► Rescue Experience1. Member of Ground Rescue team to retrieve the dead body of Japanese at Mt. Shetidhar(17200ft.)2. Retrieve the Three dead bodies of a British Expedition at Sheti Dhar Peak Oct. 20133. Member of Ground Rescue team to retrieve the dead bodies of A.P. Students Collapsed at Beas River Near Kullu.

► My Personal strength is my strong will power, Determination above my Work & honest to my duties.

Hira Lal Thakur (Mountaineering Instructor)

Hira lal has been climbing since 2010 and guiding since 2006; . Growing up in the Himalaya Mountains of HP., Hira was engaged in various outdoor activities, and has since brought his love of climbing throughout Himalayas. Some of his favorite climbing areas include the Dauladhar and pir punjal Range. He has done some climbing in north Himalaya.

Hira has a MOI in ABVIMAS. . He also guides for the YHAI and some other companies.

Pawan Thakur (Senior mountaineering Instructor)

He is specialized in Mountain Biking & Mountaineering!
An athlete by nature and has a passion to explore new locations.
He has explored many adventurous places like Garhwal 600 km high altitude route for Adventure Sport.
Has been Marine Camp Instructor, part of social activities and rescue team for many others.

Vinit Thakur (Instructor)

Vinit started his career as a mountaineer since 2011. he is friendly and has a wide knowledge in the field of trekking . His sense of humour helps his clients to enjoy the trekking and he makes them feel that one visit to Himalaya is not enough. His communication skills and his empathetic nature has helped him to create an experience for his clients.

Panna lal (Senior Guide & cook)

Panna started his career as a trekking Guide since 2000. He is compassionate and considerate. His experience in trekking is more than 15 years. He has also been Guide in YHAI. He has joined the Himalaya Destination team as the Senior Guide. His interest in this field and dedication towards the work has made him a true professional in this field. He has led many treks ranging from easy to challenging ones and has led different types of groups.

Dimple Thakur (MTB Cordinator)

Dimple has lived in Kullu valley. He spent many years working as a Trekking Guide and Mountain Biking in Himalaya region. He is working for YHAI till 1998. he attempts all the field work related from permission and all for Mountain biking expeditions. He is the route finder of mountain biking expedition for Himalaya destination. He has in the Leading authority member of YHAI during very first 100 mountain bikers expedition completed on the world heighest motorable road Manali to Khardungla pas.

Swapna Singh (Web Developer,TL)

Focused and smart Web Development Team Leader is able to motivate development team and identify and remove impediments to turning out quality software applications for customers. Excellent ability to read code and suggest changes to make the finished project glitch free.Has a Master degree in Computer Programming(MCA) along with three years of software development team leader experience.

Core Qualifications:

  • Consistently delivers working software that meets standards
  • Efficiently executes assigned actions
  • Ensures applications meet the acceptance criteria
  • Prioritizes programming work and assigns tasks
  • Appropriately deals with problems in the team
  • Collaborates closely with customers
  • Monitors timeliness of attendance at team meetings

Technical Skills:

HTML, CSS, Photoshop, PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, Magento, Open cart..

Suresh Rajendran (Web Developer)

Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Development / Relational Database Systems:

  • Innovative software engineer offering one years of experience in the full software development lifecycle – from concept through delivery of next-generation applications and customizable solutions.
  • Expert in advanced development methodologies, tools and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications.
  • Known for excellent troubleshooting skills – able to analyze code and engineer well-researched, cost-effective and responsive solutions.

Technical Skills:

HTML, CSS, XML, Java Script ,PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, Open cart..