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Quick Hiking Tips

Hiking is one the most adventurous activity which fill your mind & body with full of enjoyment. For safe & enjoyable hike you need to prepare your hike well before. Here are some of the quick hiking tips which would help you in maintaining that.


Go Along with group. Alone hiking can be […]

Top 10 most amazing treks in Himalayas

Explore the most admiring, thrilling & challenging treks of Himalayas. Travelling to Himalayas is the biggest dream for every traveler and adding such fascinating treks to their bucket list would be worth visiting. Himalayas is well known for its stupefying weather conditions. Exploring great Himalayas is never ending adventure. Easy, moderate as well as […]

Why You Should Travel

Once in a year you must go to an area of the world you have never went before.

Everyone have the various views that why they should travel.
Some wants a prospect from their daily routine, some needs to explore the planet, some has to travel for work, some wants space from their problems, some choose distracting their mind, some simply enjoys it, etc.

Himalaya destination provides you some interesting facts as an answer…

Having a good time is a must […]

5 Vital Trekking Tips for Beginners

Making some Trekking plans this season?
There is lot of Homework to be done when you plan for trekking. Clothing, Shoes, Equipments and much more.
Sharing you some of the trekking tips which would help you in planning your trek.

Have Fun Trekking!! Share your joyous moments here or write your experience to

Exciting and Fresh news on the Himalayas

Himalaya is one of the greatest mountain range filled with dense woods, snow peaks and grasslands. This is a perfect place for trekking. Many people come here to enjoy the beautiful natural of the surrounding. The latest news on the Himalayas is always exciting, and many new channels show their special report on The […]

Achieve some good knowledge during your Himalaya trek

Trekking in Himalayas is not an easy task. It is not only to escape from the polluted cities. Trekking is always a thrilling experience and a matter of enjoying the real natural beauty. In Himalaya trek, you need to learn how you can easily survive diverse situations and adapt according to that conditions. During trekking, […]

Trip to the most electrifying and majestic landscape of mountains: Himalaya adventures

Traveling to the world’s greatest mountain range (The Himalayas) is probably the coolest experience of one’s life. Doesn’t it? Because you can do whatever you want to do over here without feeling shy to anyone. Himalayas is a majestic landscape of mountains, glaciers and deep valleys and dominated by Mount Everest. Himalaya adventures […]

Steps for comfortable and safe trekking in Himalayas while staying warm

If you want to stay warm while trekking in Himalayas, then you have to follow some effective steps. It plays an important part of your travel journey because it can bring you a comfortable environment to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of Himalayan prettiness. It is better to avoid common cold, hypothermia, frostbite […]

Classic treks of Himalaya

If you want to enjoy the trek, then Himalaya is one of the best places for trekking. This site offers a better natural view that enthralls you, and you just hypnotize by the natural beauty of this location. There are diverse hill stations from which you can enjoy the scenario of glorious peaks. If […]